The name of qualty since 1972

Our business is server to customers from 1972, for man and woman out wearing.We have all kinds of desings an colours.The yarns have to meaning of sence in our hands.

Ornek Textile A.S.
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Quality Quality Certificate
bullet %100 Cotton, Cotton stretch ,Cotton/Metal
bullet Polyester/Viscose/EA,
bullet Polyester/Viscose,
Kalite Polyester/Wool/Viscose/EA,
Kalite Polyester/Wool/EA,
Kalite %100 Linen,
Kalite Viscose/Linen,
Kalite Polyester/Linen,
Kalite 100 % Cotton,
Kalite Cotton/Linen
Kalite Cotton/Polyester/EA,
Kalite Polyester Stretch,